About the Client

The client is a mission-oriented research agency under a Government Ministry in South East Asia. This agency is focused entirely on research and work that advances scientific discovery and technological innovation. The client wanted to develop a platform for users looking to elevate brand perfomance. The aim was to develop an advanced social media analytics platform for brand management by leveraging Perfomatix’s expertise.

About the Project

The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • An advanced social media analytics platform for brand management collating data from multiple social media platforms and News feeds.
  • Generate brand insights completely based on the consumer’s emotions from the data collected from different platforms. As the users post towards the brand as comments or keywords in the defined Social platforms and News feeds.
  • Web application front-end development.
  • UI/UX design engineering of the advanced social listening platform.

The Solution

After analyzing the requirements, we came up with a high-level functionality for the requirements

  • Web Application for End users
  • UI/UX Design for the web app

The solution consisted of the following components:

  • Analytics Dashboard: Total number of mentions, sentiments, and emotion categories of an entity or topic per selected data source (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) will be displayed in the dashboard. The system will display a trend chart of social engagement, summary of sentiments/emotions trend and number of likes, shares, and comments for specific social media post over a period of time across these platforms.
  • Interactive Analytics: The platform will categorize the comments and reactions into different groups in the visualization of analytics outputs.
  • Automatic report generation of brand engagement with customers.
  • Configuration of entities, topics and data sources for monitoring.
  • Subscription options for platform users.

Technology Stack Used

Front End – Web Application React + Redux
Charts Highcharts
Database MySQL
Version Control Bitbucket Git
Continuous Delivery Jenkins

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